Rainbow Fluorite Tetrahedron - July's Moon
Julys Moon chakra reiki energy healing

Rainbow Fluorite Tetrahedron

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Rainbow Fluorite Tetrahedron

Chakras: Crown, Throat, Heart

Reiki charged natural rainbow fluorite tetrahedron. 

Metaphysical Properties:

Fluorite has a high energy vibration that can connect one to the spiritual realms. It is a stone of great mental focus and clarity, bringing enlightenment to those who use it. Fluorite reinforces unclouded thinking by clearing cluttered thoughts and confusion. Fluorite brings focus and structure and can remedy instability. Let Fluorite balance your brain chemistry and say goodbye to confusion and dishonesty.

Please Note: Color may vary slightly from what is pictured due to lighting conditions, monitor display settings, and/or slight variations of the stones, as these are all natural gemstones.

All Julys Moon crystals and stones are cleansed and charged.


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