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Nephrite Jade Puffy Crystal Heart

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Nephrite Jade Puffy Crystal Heart

Chakra: Heart

Reiki charged Nephrite Jade Puffy Crystal Heart. Natural Jade, may vary slightly in size, shape, and color. Size: 55 mm

Metaphysical Properties:

Nephrite stones are a stone of health and abundance, allowing Divine energy to enhance the circumstances of life.

Used as a good-luck talisman in many cultures, Nephrite Jade helps open the Heart Chakra to allow good fortune to flow naturally into one's experience of this physical realm.

Nephrite-Jade is a protective stone that will transmute negative energies in your life into positive and uplifting ones.

Please Note: Color may vary slightly from what is pictured due to lighting conditions, monitor display settings, and/or slight variations of the stones, as these are natural gemstones.

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