Mini Desert Rose Selenite Crystals

desert rose selenite - julys moon
mini desert rose selenite crystals - julys moon
mini selenite roses - julys moon
Mini Desert Rose Selenite Crystals
Mini Desert Rose Selenite Crystals
Mini Desert Rose Selenite Crystals

Mini Desert Rose Selenite Crystals

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Miniature Desert Rose Selenite

1 mini desert rose selenite crystal. Please allow for slight variations. Each mini desert rose selenite crystal will be unique. 

Desert Rose Selenite Properties and Uses

Desert Rose Selenite Chakras: Root, Crown, Sacral
Desert Rose Element: Wind
Desert Rose Selenite Zodiac: Aquarius, Cancer

Desert Rose Selenite is also known as sand rose or gypsum roses. 
Desert Rose Selenite is a combination of wind, water and sand. 
Desert Rose selenite is great for meditation and helping you stay grounded. 
Desert Rose selenite promotes focus, mental clarity, self expression and aids in manifestation and stress relief. 
Desert Rose Selenite can be placed anywhere an aura or environment needs cleansing. 
Desert Rose Selenite has a high vibration and is great for anyone needing an energy boost. 
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