Julys Moon Love Smudge Set - Smudges & Incense - Julys Moon
Julys Moon Love Smudge Set - Smudges & Incense - Julys Moon
Julys Moon Love Smudge Set - Smudges & Incense - Julys Moon
Julys Moon Love Smudge Set - Smudges & Incense - Julys Moon
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Love Smudge Set

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Love Smudge Set from Julys Moon

This Love Smudge Set includes:

Natural Abalone Shell with Wooden Tripod Stand
Palo Santo Wood Stick
California White Sage Smudge Stick
Rose Quartz Crystal
Sachet of Rose Petals
Intention Candle
Pink Himalayan Salt

Intentions & Prayers

The Heart Chakra is the energy center associated with love, balance and connection, it is responsible for regulating the energy associated with self-love, self-acceptance, compassion, respect, forgiveness and love for others.

All 7 Chakras are interconnected, if you're experiencing an imbalance or blockage in one, it affects all the others. An unbalanced or blocked chakra can cause spiritual, physical and emotional distress. 

Balancing a blocked, deficient or overactive chakra may improve your over all well-being, spiritual, physical and emotional health. 

Signs your Heart Chakra may be deficient include:

  • If you feel disconnected from the people around you, including those you are closest to
  • you're feeling unloved
  • you gain your self-worth from others
  • you have difficulty forming healthy or meaningful relationships
  • you struggle to give or to receive love freely
  • you're withdrawn and try to avoid socializing with others
  • you're overly critical of yourself

Signs you Heart Chakra may be overactive include:

  • you're experiencing mood swings
  • possessive behavior
  • you're frequently jealous of others
  • you find it hard to forgive or hold grudges
  • you're having difficulty letting go of bitter or angry thoughts or feelings
  • you feel a sense of anger towards other people or life
  • you're overly critical of others

If you think your heart chakra may need to be balanced, the energetic properties of this kit may help restore balance to your heart chakra.

All of Julys Moon crystals are cleansed and charged.

Please Note: All items in this smudging set are all-natural causing them to vary slightly in size and color. No two kits are exactly the same. 

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