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Desert Rose Selenite Crystals

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Desert Rose Selenite Crystals

Chakras: Root/Base, Third Eye, Crown

One (1) Desert Rose Selenite Crystal. Natural Desert Rose Selenite, will vary in size, shape, and color, each is unique. Size ranges from 1-4" in length.

This is a well-formed Desert Rose Crystal. Desert Rose is composed of Selenite and Barite which results in a beautiful cluster that resembles rose petals. 

Desert Rose Selenite is a unique natural crystal formation that is formed from the combination of water, wind and sand.

Metaphysical Properties:

Desert Rose, also called gypsum rose or gypsum rosettes, is live-giving and full of energy. It carries the energies of clarity, focus, concentration, prosperity and purification.

Desert Rose helps to rid the mind of old thought processes, opening up the flow of guidance from your intuition.

Despite its rose petal like softness, Desert Rose is a stone that will help you stand your ground and confront any hardship. It will show you how to commit to a project with confidence despite the numerable obstacles. By staying focused on your outcome you can manage the challenges with an optimistic attitude. Desert Rose will support you in your endeavors to realize your dream.

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