7 Chakra Crystal Cage Necklace - July's Moon
7 Chakra Crystal Cage Necklace - Julys Moon
Julys Moon

7 Chakra Crystal Cage Necklace

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7 Chakra Crystal Cage Necklace

Square Spiral Cage Pendant with 7 interchangeable crystals, includes matching stainless steel chain. 

Each crystal included represents one of the 7 major chakras. Each crystal is carefully chosen, tumbled, and polished. Wear this beautiful necklace to help cleanse, align, and balance your energy centers.

Set includes: Cage for Crystals, 7 Crystals & Matching Stainless Steel Chain.

Pendant: 25 mm Square Spiral Cage with 7 Interchangeable Reiki Charged Crystals.

7 Reiki Charged Crystals included:

One (1) Quartz Crystal
One (1) Lapis Lazuli Crystal
One (1) Amethyst Crystal
One (1) Rose Quartz Crystal
One (1) Citrine Crystal
One (1) Carnelian Crystal
One (1) Red Jasper Crystal

Chain: 24" Stainless Steel Chain

All off Julys Moon crystals are cleansed and charged. You can learn more about the crystals included with this necklace set here.

Please note: The crystals included in this set are all-natural and may vary slightly in size, shape, and color.

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