Polished Bronzite Crystals

Bronzite crystal stone specimens
Bronzite crystal tumble | Polished Bronzite crystals
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Polished Bronzite crystals

Polished Bronzite Crystals

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One tumbled Bronzite Crystal 

Each Bronzite crystal is Approximately 1" - 1 1/2"

Each polished Bronzite stone is unique, no two stones will be the same.

Bronzite Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Root
Bronzite Element: Earth
Bronzite Zodiac: Leo
Bronzite Affirmation: I send out loving, positive energy and in return receive the same.

Bronzite encourages a polite and gentle nature in people.

Bronzite aids in overcoming procrastination. Bronzite brings focus, drive, control and determination into ones life.

Bronzite calms the nervous system and helps treat anxiety.

Bronzite is a wonderful muscle relaxant and helps to release built up tensions.

Bronzite brings calm during stressful situations.

**All crystal healing information provided here is intended for spiritual guidance only. Crystal healing is not intended to be a substitute for conventional medicine. **

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