Blue Calcite Free Form Crystal
Blue Calcite Free Form Crystal - Julys Moon
Blue Calcite Free Form Crystal - Julys Moon
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Blue Calcite Free Form Crystal

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Blue Calcite Free Form Crystal

Chakra: Throat

Beautiful blue calcite free standing crystal. You will receive the exact blue calcite free form pictured.

Size: Approx. 4" tall x 3" wide

Metaphysical Properties:

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. Calcite is a spiritual stone linked to the higher consciousness that facilitates the opening of higher awareness and psychic abilities, channeling, and out of body experiences. It accelerates spiritual development, and allows the soul to remember experiences when it returns to the body.

Calcite connects emotions with intellect, creating emotional intelligence. It can combat laziness and aid in becoming more energetic on all levels.

Calcite can help alleviate emotional stress and replace it with serenity. It is a stabilizing stone, enhancing trust in oneself and strengthening the ability to overcome setbacks.

Blue calcite is a gentle stone for recuperation and relaxation. It gently soothes the nerves, lifting anxieties, and releases negative emotions. It can also aid in clear communication.

All Julys Moon crystals and stones are cleansed and charged.

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