Amethyst Palm Stones - July's Moon
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Amethyst Palm Stones

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Amethyst Massage Stone

Chakra: Crown

One (1) Amethyst Palm Stone. These genuine Amethyst Massage Stones are all natural and will vary slightly in size, shape and color. Each stone is approx. 4 cm x 3.5 cm.

Metaphysical Healing Properties:

Amethyst is an extremely powerful crystal and has strong cleansing abilities and healing powers. Amethyst is also protective stone that has a high spiritual vibration. 

Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer that blocks negative environment energies. It stimulates and soothes the mind and emotions. Amethysts' serenity enhances higher states of consciousness, spiritual awareness and meditation.

Amethyst’s ability to expand the higher mind also enhances one’s creativity and passion. It strengthens the imagination and intuition, and refines the thinking processes. It helps in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thought into action, and brings projects to fruition. It is a talisman of focus and success.

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification, cleansing one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments, and creating a resonant shield of spiritual Light around the body.

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