7" Cedar Smudge Sticks
7" Cedar Smudge Sticks - July's Moon
7" Cedar Smudge Sticks - July's Moon
Julys Moon

7" Cedar Smudge Sticks

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7" Cedar Smudge Sticks

One (1) handmade cedar smudge stick, each cedar smudge stick is approximately 7" long.

Cedar smoke has a friendly and healing energy that is a good alternative for those who have an aversion to sage. ​

The smell of Cedar is woodsy and fresh. It recalls ancient forests, and invokes their protection and wisdom. 

Deeply purifying, especially for clearing negative emotions, for healing, and as a way to attract positive energy. Also used to bless a home before taking residence there, a tradition dating back to the Northwest and Western Canadian Native Americans.

Sacred to Native tribes, known as the Mother and giver of life. These wands can be used for protection, purification, cleansing, wealth, healing, and prosperity. 

Believed to aid clairvoyance, revive the tired mind, body, and spirit, and stimulate contact with other worlds.

For wholesale quantity orders, please email julysmoonca@gmail.com

Smudge stick use instructions:

To clear negative energies from a room, light the tip of the incense stick for a few moments, and blow out to allow the ember to burn. Then, move the incense smoke from the smudge stick into each and every corner of the room, stating your intentions.

Each smudge purchased from Julys Moon includes detailed instructions on proper use for optimal results.


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