What are Chakras?

What is Chakra Healing?

Chakra Healing is often referred to as balancing of the Chakras. The goal of Chakra healing is to balance your energy centers. All 7 Chakras are part of a dynamic system of energies that interact with each other. There are many ancient healing processes that utilize Chakra energy healing in their practices. Reiki is the most common healing therapy practiced today. 

What are the benefits of healing the Chakras?

Everyone has negative life experiences that influence how we function. Chakras often end up closed or blocked due to the suppression of natural energy flowing through the Chakras. When Chakras are closed or blocked the quality of energy that can pass through is greatly diminished. Healing the Chakras helps open the energy flow on specific Chakras to help provide overall equilibrium. The balance between all 7 Chakras is what keeps us feeling well physically, psychologically, and spiritually. 

What is Chakra Balancing?

A Chakra imbalance or blockage is in 1 or more of the 7 Chakras can cause mental, emotional, spiritual or physical ailments. Most commonly used to aid in balancing the Chakras are Chakra Crystals, Chakra Stones and Reiki healing. The energy centers of the 7 Chakras work together for optimal health. When healing energy, keeping the pathways cleansed and activated to allow energy to pass through is important. When these energy centers are aligned, cleansed, and balanced your overall well being is enhanced. 

What are Chakra Crystals used for?

Each of the 7 Chakras has a different color associated with a vibrational frequency. When you pair certain crystals with Chakras within the body, the crystalline structure work to amplify your healing intentions. Your healing intentions help remove blockages to restore and rebalance your bodies energy. Chakra Stones are placed on associated energy centers to aid in this healing.

Cleansing the 7 Chakras strengthens weaknesses while calming overactive energies.