Pink Opal

Pink Opal healing properties

Pink Opal Chakras: Heart
Pink Opal Element: Water
Pink Opal Zodiac: Cancer
Pink Opal Affirmation: I am stable, calm and ready to begin my journey of healing.

Pink Opal is a stone of spiritual awakening and transformation.

Pink Opal promotes emotional healing, especially those associated with subconsciously held pain.

Pink Opal is effective for people who suffer from excessive anxiety or fear, it allows them to become more emotionally stable, centered and calm.

Pink Opal is an excellent sleeping aid with an ability to sooth and calm the entire body.

Pink Opal is helpful for anyone experiencing relationship issues or grieving loss of a loved one.

**All crystal healing information provided here is intended for spiritual guidance only. Crystal healing is not intended to be a substitute for conventional medicine. **


Peruvian Pink Opal crystals - julys moon