Red Abalone Shell

red abalone shell - julys moon
small abalone shell - red abalone sea shell - julys moon
red abalone shell - julys moon
small abalone shell - julys moon
tiny abalone shell - julys moon
julys moon red abalone shell
mini abalone shell - red abalone - julys moon

Red Abalone Shell

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Red Abalone Shell

1 Beautiful Red Abalone Shell.

Each small abalone shell is approximately 2"-3". These are all natural abalone shells, please allow for slight imperfections and variations in size, shape and color.

Abalone shells are often used for sage burning rituals and ceremonies. This red abalone shell is the perfect size for travel. 

What are some healing properties of Abalone?

Abalone itself carries energies of balance and protection. Abalone is known for activating and cleansing the crown, third eye, and heart chakras. 

Abalone has a soothing energy, providing feelings of emotional balance, mental clarity and protection. The variety of colors in abalone shells represent change and transition. Abalone is excellent for bringing inner peace, harmony and allowing you to see the beauty in all. Using Abalone shells while smudging invokes the oceans spirits into your ritual and blesses your intentions with a positive light.

How to use Abalone

Hold abalone during cleansing rituals for an overwhelming feeling of purity. Use an Abalone shell during a cleansing session to catch the ash from the burning sage or herbs. Sage burning rituals will aid in eliminating negativity from yourself, objects, or a space.

 These abalone shells are natural, please allow for slight imperfections or variations in size, shape and color. Each abalone shell from Julys Moon will be unique. 

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