White Sage, Palo Santo & Lion's Paw Shell Smudge Kit

smokecleansing kit with sage, palo santo and shell smudge dish - julys moon
Lions Paw smudge kit with white sage and palo santo - julys moon
lions paw shell smudge kit - julys moon
smudge kit with shell, sage, palo santo, feather - julys moon
julys moon lions paw shell smudge kit

White Sage, Palo Santo & Lion's Paw Shell Smudge Kit

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Lions Paw Smudge Kit

Use this White Sage, Palo Santo and lions paw smudge kit to purify yourself, home, objects or other space. This smudge kit also makes a wonderful housewarming gift.

Julys Moon Lion's paw shell smudge kit Includes:
1 natural scalloped lions paw shell
1 smudging feather
1 handmade white sage smudge stick
2 Palo Santo sticks - holy wood sticks 
smudging instructions

Light the handmade sage smudge or Palo Santo stick. Use the smudge feather to fan the smoke wherever needs to be cleansed of negative energy. The scallop shell is used as a natural smudge bowl to collect the ash.

Palo Santo is used for its positive effects. Palo Santo is known for cleansing your space, repelling negative energy and raising positive vibrations prior to meditation. Palo Santo is also known for enhancing focus, creativity and productivity. Palo Santo smells incredible and is an effective insect repellent.

White Sage is believed to have antimicrobial properties, keeping viruses, bacteria and illness at bay. In traditional cultures, burning sage is a way to achieve a healing state and provide protection. Smudging effectively rids yourself or space of negative energy. Burn Sage to soothe stress, improve mood, boost cognition and energy levels.


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