Green Aventurine dangle earrings

green aventurine dangle earrings - julys moon
handmade green aventurine earrings - julys moon
green aventurine dangle earrings in silver - julys moon
green aventurine beaded earrings - julys moon
green aventurine crystal earrings - julys moon

Green Aventurine dangle earrings

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Green Aventurine dangle earrings in silver

1 pair of Hand strung polished green aventurine dangle earrings

Each pair of green aventurine crystal earrings is hand made with natural polished green aventurine crystals. Each pair of green aventurine earrings will be unique.

Green Aventurine protects your heart chakra. Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity, bringing wealth and good fortune.


Reasons to wear Green Aventurine Jewelry

Wear Green Aventurine Jewelry to Provide a comforting, soothing energy, protect you from negativity, provide stress relief and anxiety relief, Attract abundance and good fortune.




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