Coconut Oil moisturizing Bath Salts

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coconut oil bath soak - julys moon
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coconut oil moisturizing bath salts - julys moon

Coconut Oil moisturizing Bath Salts

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Coconut Oil Moisturizing Bath Salts

Detoxify your body while moisturizing your skin with a soak in these handmade coconut oil bath salts. These bath salts are made with pure Epsom salt, organic coconut oil, and an essential oil blend. Pure Epsom salt eases muscle aches and pains. Coconut oil is highly moisturizing while helping maintain a healthy skin barrier.

5 oz resealable package of handmade coconut oil infused bath salts.

These bath salts can also be added by the handful to your existing body wash for a gentle exfoliation leaving you with a healthier looking complexion.

These bath salts are hand crafted in small batches to guarantee the best quality possible. All ingredients are organic, all natural and responsibly sourced.


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