Basic Smudge Kit

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Basic Smudge Kit

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Julys Moon Basic Smudge Kit

This smudge kit is great for many methods of healing. Use this kit for rituals, ceremonies, chakra healing & balancing, meditation, reiki healing, space cleansing, crystal therapy and more. This smudge set makes a great housewarming gift. Please allow for slight variations. Each smoke cleansing kit will be unique. 

This Julys Moon Basic Smudge Kit includes:

1 Hand Wrapped All-Natural California White Sage Smudge 
1 Palo Santo Wood Stick 
1 Bag of Pink Himalayan Salt
1 All Natural Abalone Shell with Wooden Tripod cobra Stand
smudging instructions


Palo Santo wood is considered "holy wood." Palo Santo wooden sticks are used to cleanse negativity.

The all-natural sage used in this smudge kit is harvested in California and hand wrapped in cotton thread.

Pink Himalayan salt is a purification tool used to restore balance and cleanse negativity.

Please Note: All items in this smudging set are all-natural causing them to vary slightly in size and color. No two kits are the exact same. All julys moon smudge kits are made to order with responsibly sourced ingredients. 

Learn more about the healing properties of white sage here. 

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