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    6 products
    5 - 6 " abalone shell with wood stand - julys moon
    natural abalone shell with stand - julys moon
    Abalone Shell with Wooden Stand
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    red abalone shell - julys moon
    small abalone shell - red abalone sea shell - julys moon
    Red Abalone Shell
    chakra trinket box - julys moon
    chakra symbols incense holder trinket box - julys moon
    Chakra trinket box incense holder
    hand hammered ritual offering bowl - julys moon
    hand hammered copper bowl - julys moon
    Hand hammered copper bowl
    smudge kit with soapstone smudge bowl - julys moon
    sage, palo santo and smudge dish smudge kit - julys moon
    Basic smudge kit with soapstone smudge bowl
    natural lions paw shell - lions paw sea shell - scalloped shell - julys moon
    lions paw shell for smudging - julys moon
    Lion's Paw Shell

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