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    8 products
    rose quartz aromatherapy candles - julys moon
    Rose Quartz Crystal candles - Jars
    from $13.00
    frankincense and myrrh crystal candles - julys moon
    frankincense & myrrh aromatherapy crystal candles - julys moon
    Frankincense & Myrrh crystal candles
    from $19.00
    crystal aromatherapy candles - julys moon
    protection crystal candles - julys moon
    Protection Crystal candles
    Lavender & Amethyst crystal candles - Jars
    from $23.00
    lavender amethyst crystal candle - julys moon
    stress relief candles - lavender & amethyst crystal candles - julys moon
    Lavender and Amethyst Crystal candles
    from $19.00
    sacred smudge protection candle - julys moon
    herb & crystal smudge candle - julys moon
    Sacred Smudge Candle
    from $19.00
    floral crystal candles - julys moon
    floral aromatherapy candles - julys moon
    Floral Crystal candles - Jars
    from $13.00
    rose quartz crystal aromatherapy candle 8oz tin - julys moon
    rose quartz crystal candle - julys moon
    Rose Quartz Crystal Candles - tins
    from $19.00

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