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    Shop handmade healing crystal infused aromatherapy candles and candle holders at Julys Moon. Find Himalayan salt candle holders, candle holders for your altar, spiritual candle holders, altar candlesticks, healing candles, Wiccan candle holders, Pagan candle holders, ritual candle holders, candles for spells, candle holders for spells, candles for witchcraft and more.
    Julys Moon handmade herbal crystal candles
    15 products
    rose quartz aromatherapy candles - julys moon
    Rose Quartz Crystal candles - Jars
    from $13.00
    frankincense and myrrh crystal candles - julys moon
    frankincense & myrrh aromatherapy crystal candles - julys moon
    Frankincense & Myrrh crystal candles
    from $19.00
    frankincense and myrrh candle - julys moon
    frankincense and myrrh crystal candles - julys moon
    Frankincense & Myrrh crystal candles - jars
    from $22.00
    metal candle snuffer with pentagram - julys moon
    metal candle snuffer with pentacle - julys moon
    Silver Pentacle candle snuffer
    Sale price $21.00 Regular price $28.00
    crystal aromatherapy candles - julys moon
    protection crystal candles - julys moon
    Protection Crystal candles
    Lavender & Amethyst crystal candles - Jars
    from $23.00
    lavender amethyst crystal candle - julys moon
    stress relief candles - lavender & amethyst crystal candles - julys moon
    Lavender and Amethyst Crystal candles
    from $19.00
    sacred smudge protection candle - julys moon
    herb & crystal smudge candle - julys moon
    Sacred Smudge Candle
    from $19.00
    floral crystal candles - julys moon
    floral aromatherapy candles - julys moon
    Floral Crystal candles - Jars
    from $13.00
    Cast iron cauldron with pentacle
    Black Candle snuffer with pentacle
    bamboo incense holder with cross - julys moon
    wood incense burner candle holder with cross
    Cross incense burner - candle holder
    rose quartz crystal aromatherapy candle 8oz tin - julys moon
    rose quartz crystal candle - julys moon
    Rose Quartz Crystal Candles - tins
    from $19.00
    chime candles - julys moon
    julys moon chime candles - intention candles
    Set of 8 Chime Candles, Ritual Candles, Altar Candles, Intention Candles
    Sale price $10.00 Regular price $14.00
    Sold Out
     mini brass candle snuffer - julys moon
    mini candle snuffer - candle extinguisher - julys moon
    Mini Metal Candle Snuffers

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