Tumbled Crystals

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    Tumbled crystals and stones at Julys Moon
    10 products
    crystals for protection - julys moon
    polished crystal kit for protection - julys moon
    Protection Crystal Kit
    7 tumbled chakra stones with selenite tray - julys moon
    chakra crystals set with selenite charging tray - julys moon
    7 tumbled chakra crystals with a selenite charging tray
    Sale price $29.95 Regular price $50.00
    crystals for positivity - julys moon
    negative energy clearing kit - julys moon
    Negative energy release crystal kit
    mini unakite healing crystals - julys moon
    mini unakite crystals - julys moon
    Mini Tumbled Unakite crystals
    7 chakras crystal set with etched selenite moon
    Sale price $29.95 Regular price $50.00
    mini tiger eye gemstones - julys moon
    tumbled tigers eye minis - julys moon
    Mini Tigers eye crystals
    medium tigers eye stones - julys moon
    tumbled tigers eye stones - julys moon
    Tumbled Tigers eye crystals - Medium
    polished brown aragonite tumble stones - julys moon
    tumbled brown aragonite crystals - julys moon
    Tumbled Brown Aragonite crystals
    tumbled labradorite stones - julys moon
    polished labradorite - julys moon
    Tumbled Labradorite
    tumbled citrine healing crystals - julys moon
    citrine tumble stones - julys moon
    Tumbled Citrine crystals

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