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    Moonstone Crystal Collection

    Moonstone Chakras: Heart, Third eye, crown
    Moonstone Element: Wind
    Moonstone Zodiac: Libra, Cancer, Scorpio
    Moonstone Affirmation: The energy of the divine feminine flows freely through me.

    Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings.

    Moonstone harmonized the body, mind and spirit, enabling you to become more attune with your feelings.

    Moonstone is an effective crystal for developing psychic awareness and strong intuition.

    Moonstone is beneficial for pregnancy, child birth and premenstrual syndrome.

    Moonstone enhances patience and improves the regulation of emotions.

    **All crystal healing information provided here is intended for spiritual guidance only. Crystal healing is not intended to be a substitute for conventional medicine. **

    3 products
    moonstone chip bead bracelet - julys moon
    Moonstone and Strawberry Quartz Bracelet
    polished rainbow moonstone crystals - julys moon
    rainbow moonstone tumbled stones - julys moon
    Polished Rainbow moonstone crystals
    julys moon polished moonstone
    julys moon polished moonstone crystal stones
    Polished Moonstone Crystals
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