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    Welcome to Julys Moon, your source for spiritual healing. Learn how to balance your Chakras, use Reiki Healing Therapies and more. We carry an array of products to assist you in your cleansing and healing journey.
    17 products
    square selenite charging plate - julys moon
    selenite square slab -  julys moon
    Square selenite charging plate
    polished rainbow moonstone crystals - julys moon
    rainbow moonstone tumbled stones - julys moon
    Polished Rainbow moonstone crystals
    selenite crystal moon - julys moon
    selenite crescent moon - julys moon
    Selenite Moon
    Virgo Crystal Kit
    from $22.95
    Peacock Ore
    pentagram moon incense holder tile
    pentacle triple moon incense tile
    Triple Moon Pentacle incense holder tile
    California White Sage Smudge stick - Julys Moon
    california white sage smudges - julys moon
    California White Sage Smudge Stick
    4 inch selenite tower - julys moon
    selenite skyscraper - julys moon
    Raw Selenite Tower
    Sale price $12.00 Regular price $16.00
    large garnet nugget stones - julys moon
    polished garnet nuggets - julys moon
    Tumbled Garnet Crystals
    Sale price $7.50 Regular price $10.00
    bulk raw blue calcite crystals - julys moon
    blue calcite stones - julys moon
    Bulk Blue Calcite crystals - 1/2 lb of blue calcite stones
    Sale price $5.99 Regular price $9.50
    rough apache tear crystals - julys moon
    Rough Apache Tears (Black Obsidian)
    raw honey calcite - julys moon
    natural honey calcite - julys moon
    Raw Honey Calcite Healing Crystals
    polished tigers eye crystals - julys moon
    julys moon tigers eye stones
    Polished Tigers Eye crystals
    polished black tourmaline crystals - julys moon
    polished black tourmaline stones - julys moon
    Polished Black Tourmaline Stones
    julys moon white sage palo santo smudge spray
    2oz smudge spray julys moon
    Julys Moon White Sage & Palo Santo Smudge Spray
    from $13.00
    snowflake obsidian stones - julys moon
    polished snowflake obsidian crystals - julys moon
    Polished Snowflake Obsidian Crystals
    polished blue chalcedony crystals - julys moon
    blue chalcedony tumbled stones - julys moon
    Blue Chalcedony Healing Stones

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