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    Welcome to Julys Moon, your source for new age spiritual healing. 

    We carry an array of products to assist you in your cleansing and healing journey including healing crystals, smudge kits, crystal candles, incense, aromatherapy, altar tools and more. 

    17 products
    mini crystal mushroom carvings - julys moon
    crystal mushrooms - julys moon
    Mini crystal mushrooms
    Sale price $12.95 Regular price $15.95
    7 tumbled chakra stones with selenite tray - julys moon
    chakra crystals set with selenite charging tray - julys moon
    7 tumbled chakra crystals with a selenite charging tray
    Sale price $29.95 Regular price $50.00
    7 chakras crystal set with etched selenite moon
    Sale price $29.95 Regular price $50.00
    brass incense burner with resin variety pack - julys moon
    carved brass charcoal burner - julys moon
    Resin incense kit with brass incense burner
    resin incense kit with brass resin burner - julys moon
    resin incense with brass burner - julys moon
    Resin incense kit with brass burner
    wire wrapped fancy agate arrowheads - julys moon
    fancy agate arrow head necklace - julys moon
    Fancy agate arrowhead necklace
    Sale price $24.95 Regular price $34.95
    pentagram key ring - julys moon
    Pentacle keychain
    Sale price $8.50 Regular price $15.00
    kapachi incense - julys moon
    kapachi ritual incense - julys moon
    Kapachi Palo Santo loose incense
    Sale price $12.75 Regular price $20.00
    palo santo holy wood chunks and pieces - julys moon
    bulk palo santo sticks - julys moon
    3 oz bulk Palo Santo Holy Wood chunks and pieces
    Sale price $16.50 Regular price $28.00
    White Sage & Palo Santo smudges
    pentacle incense holder - julys moon
    pentagram incense holder - julys moon
    Soapstone Pentacle incense burner
    Sale price $18.00 Regular price $20.00
    white sage and calendula flower smudge - julys moon
    white sage calendula bundle - julys moon
    Calendula flower Sage smudge stick
    7 color mullein flower and white sage smudge stick - julys moon
    7 chakras smudge stick - julys moon
    7 Color Mullein flower & white Sage smudge stick
    crystals for positivity - julys moon
    negative energy clearing kit - julys moon
    Negative energy release crystal kit
    crystals for protection - julys moon
    polished crystal kit for protection - julys moon
    Protection Crystal Kit
    Rose Quartz herb & Crystal aromatherapy candles - Jars
    from $9.00
    julys moon chime candles - intention candles
    julys moon chime candles, ritual candles, spell candles
    Set of 8 Chime Candles, Ritual Candles, Altar Candles, Intention Candles
    Sale price $7.00 Regular price $9.50

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