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    81 products
    julys moon selenite sticks
    selenite sticks - julys moon
    Selenite Sticks
    selenite charging plate square - julys moon
    selenite square - julys moon
    Square Selenite Charging Plate
    Sale price $20.00 Regular price $35.00
    raw aragonite clusters - julys moon
    rough aragonite clusters - julys moon
    Raw Aragonite Clusters
    from $6.95 Regular price $10.00
    selenite tray with 7 chakra stones set - julys moon
    7 Chakra Crystal Set with Selenite Charging Tray
    Sale price $27.50 Regular price $50.00
    crystals for protection - julys moon
    polished crystal kit for protection - julys moon
    Protection Crystal Kit
    scolecite healing stones - julys moon
    Scolecite Crystals
    Sale price $4.99 Regular price $6.99
    mini desert rose selenite crystals - julys moon
    mini selenite roses - julys moon
    Mini Desert Rose Selenite Crystals
    natural rough black tourmaline - julys moon
    rough black tourmaline - julys moon
    Rough Black Tourmaline
    Selenite charging tray with 7 chakra crystals set - julys moon
    7 chakra crystals with selenite tray from julys moon
    Selenite charging tray with 7 chakra crystals set
    Sale price $25.00 Regular price $34.00
    4 inch selenite tower - julys moon
    selenite skyscraper - julys moon
    Raw Selenite Tower
    Sale price $12.00 Regular price $16.00
    Black Obsidian Apache tear healing crystals - julys moon
    rough apache tear crystals - julys moon
    Rough Apache Tears (Black Obsidian)
    raw honey calcite - julys moon
    natural honey calcite - julys moon
    Raw Honey Calcite Healing Crystals
    polished blue chalcedony crystals - julys moon
    blue chalcedony tumbled stones - julys moon
    Blue Chalcedony Healing Stones
    rough rainbow fluorite crystals - julys moon
    Rough Rainbow Fluorite Crystals
    rough labradorite - julys moon
    raw labradorite - julys moon
    Rough Labradorite Crystals
    rough moonstone healing crystals - julys moon
    rough moonstone healing stones - julys moon
    Raw Moonstone crystals
    Sale price $6.00 Regular price $8.00
    tumbled labradorite stones - julys moon
    polished labradorite - julys moon
    Tumbled Labradorite
    Tumbled Citrine
    titanium rainbow aura quartz cluster - julys moon
    rainbow titanium aura quartz - julys moon
    Titanium Rainbow Aura Quartz Cluster - medium
    Sale price $34.95 Regular price $49.95
    crystals for positivity - julys moon
    negative energy clearing kit - julys moon
    Negative energy release crystal kit
    rough brazilian rhodonite crystals - julys moon
    rough rhodonite crystals - julys moon
    Brazilian Rhodonite
    rough amber healing crystals - julys moon
    raw amber stones - julys moon
    Rough Amber crystals
    rough red jasper crystals - julys moon
    raw red jasper crystals - julys moon
    Rough red jasper crystals
    polished amazonite crystals - julys moon
    polished amazonite stones - julys moon
    Polished amazonite crystals
    rough white onyx crystals - julys moon
    raw white onyx stones - julys moon
    Rough White Onyx crystals
    rough brazil blue jasper crystals - julys moon
    raw blue jasper crystals - julys moon
    Rough Blue Jasper crystals
    round selenite charging plate - julys moon
    round selenite plate - julys moon
    Round selenite charging plate
    Tumbled Dalmatian Jasper Crystals
    Sale price $4.99 Regular price $6.99
    Grey Botswana Agate - julys moon
    polished grey agate - julys moon
    Grey Botswana Agate
    Virgo healing crystal kit - julys moon
    crystals for virgo - julys moon
    Virgo Crystal Kit
    from $22.95
    mini selenite tower - julys moon
    small selenite tower - julys moon
    Mini Selenite Tower
    selenite nuggets - julys moon
    Selenite Nuggets
    raw green opal crystals - julys moon
    rough green opal stones - julys moon
    Rough green opal crystals
    Peacock Ore
    rough tigers eye crystals - julys moon
    raw tigers eye stones - julys moon
    Rough Tigers eye crystals
    julys moon rough banded amethyst stones
    rough banded amethyst crystals - julys moon
    Rough Banded Amethyst Crystals
    rough amazonite crystals - julys moon
    raw amazonite crystals - julys moon
    Rough Amazonite Crystals
    tumbled serpentine crystals
    polished serpentine
    Serpentine Crystals
    polished nephrite jade - julys moon
    tumbled nephrite jade - julys moon
    Polished Nephrite Jade Crystals
    bulk orange calcite stones - julys moon
    bulk raw orange calcite - julys moon
    Bulk rough orange calcite, raw orange calcite

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